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Where Do All The Doggies Go?
© 2016 Steve Pullara Words and Music

Where do all the doggies go?
I really miss mine so.
I need to know if I’ll see him again.

He was my very best friend.
Oh, where do all the doggies go?

Will he still be my pet,
Remember me or forget?
I loved him so and I need to know.
Jesus, where did my doggie go?

Will he playing fetch with Grandpa?
or cuddle up with Grandma?
Do doggies chase an eternal cat?
Can Heaven for my dog be better than that?
Oh Jesus, where did my doggie go?

Doggies are love from God and kitty cats

are God’s love too.
I just wanna know if they go to heaven

will they be there with you?

Jesus can you hear my prayer?
Are cats and doggies with you there?
I need to know and I loved him so.

Jesus, oh Jesus, where did my doggie go?

I miss my doggie so.

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