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The Arms Of Jesus

Copyright 2016 Words And Music Steve Pullara

Within the arms of Jesus I can hide away

as I fear all my tomorrows and things of yesterday.

I know He's always with me. He never goes away.

Within the arms of Jesus I know that I can stay.

They were stretched upon a crossbeam

embracing the whole world...

more precious than gold or silver or any gems or pearls.

They hug me when I'm lonely or when I'm far from home.

They give me shelter endlessly within them I have grown.

So, when I'm feeling downcast...not going anywhere.

Within the arms of Jesus I have his tender care.

And when my heart is crying and haven't got a prayer,

I feel his arms around me. I know that he is there.

When I see a cross around your neck...

it reminds me of His pain of how he bears my

sorrows and helps me rise again.

Within the arms of Jesus my troubles are outside.

Within the arms of my soul goes to reside.

And when He calls me home someday I will see his arms.

I'll see the place I've always been that kept me safe from harm.

His love hs poured around me. His love has been my home.

Within the arms of Jesus I've never been alone.

Within the arms of Jesus I've never been alone.

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