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"Just Released" in 2015!

Steve Pullara has earned and gained a wide audience with his band The Red Eared Sliderz. "Butterflies Wear Sneakers" is a strong and solid example of his skills as a children's recording artist, songwriter, musician, singer and producer. His children's albums are recorded in the styles of Folk, Americana and Country. In doing so, Steve Pullara has created a style of recording and writing that is his own unique signature in the Children's Music genre. Easily recognizable, this artist's songs are appealing and enjoyable to many families. Steve's music will last them a lifetime. This album has recently reached #23 in an Amazon Music download listing. A video of the album's featured song "The More Teeth Missin' The Better For Kissin' " from "Butterflies Wear Sneakers" has nearly 30,000 international & domestic views on YouTube.

Ya wanna know more about Steve Pullara, his nearly 30 year career, awards and his many other children's albums? That info can be viewed below:

Released last year in 2014...

Steve Pullara's "ANOTHER HAPPY SOLE" received many wonderful reviews from across the globe and is played domestically and overseas  continuously. This album can be purchased as a CD, as a download or in singles.


Click the strip below to enjoy its website.

There are many reviews posted on this album's website. Below are a few of them that you'll read there:


"The musicians on the album are a great team of Folk Music musicians giving

the CD an “Oh  Brother Where Art Thou” flavor. The songs, performance and recordings are as well crafted as his Grammy winning CDs, and that’s saying a lot.

I know all of Steve’s fans, old and new will love the CD."  - David  Bromberg, GRAMMY Nominee, Multiple Instrumentalist that has recorded with Bob Dylan, Carly Simon, George Harrison, John Lennon, Ringo, Joan Baez and more.


"Steve and those Red Eared Sliderz have brought a unique arrangement to this beloved Beatles song "I've Just Seen A Face" while capturing the spirit and fun of the original." -Andre Gardner, "Breakfast With The Beatles," National Syndication, WMGK


"Steve Pullara, singer/songwriter/producer and GRAMMY winning artist known primarily for his award-winning children's albums, has launched a new CD, but it's something really different - "Another Happy Sole." This snappy and thoughtful Folk Music tribute, is a loving embrace to his legions of fans who are all grown up and have journeyed with him for the past 30 years. Musical selections, written and performed by Pullara and His Red Earded Sliderz, are sure to delight anyone who is a kid at heart!" - Paula Slade, Reviewer "Audiobooks, Entertainment and Media" August 2014


























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