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Children's Music Grammy recipient Steve Pullara's music and topics have that unique quality of crossover appeal. Many ages of children within any family as well as adults enjoySteve's musical innivation. His new 2017 Children’s Album entitled "Backyards & Home Fronts" is no exception. His new song collection pushes the envelope and is ground breaking because it deals with the military deployment of parents. In this album, through a musical recording , kids hear about the family next door. Things may be a bit different than we think for a family when parents are serving our country. This new Steve Pullara 2017 children’s album is relevant, topical and will prove itself valuable to its genre’s listening culture for many years to come.

Album Synopsis:
Sometimes Moms and Dads are away for a while working on very important jobs, like serving our country overseas.
That’s when Grandmas and Grandpas come over to stay with us. They help us turn giant refrigerator boxes into secret clubhouses and take us fishing with them. Caring for us Grandkids on the home front while we wait for Moms and Dads to return is what they do best. During that time, we continue to grow bigger as our clothes get smaller.
Birthdays and special times come and go like the drawings, photos, poems and cookies that we send. But after sharing
letters back and forth, and many nights of wondering, the mailman finally delivers the good news!

Can you guess who’s coming home?

The songs on this album are dedicated to those who wait for those who serve.

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