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  GRAMMY® recipient Steve Pullara

has recorded a new 2017 Children's Album entitled

A Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner
  Enjoy our album's review highlights below. 
For these full reviews, click the above "Reviews" tab.
"Pullara deserves major praise for making this type of concept album, and executing it so well." 
- Michael Berick, NAPPA Awards for "Best In Children's Audio"
"Steve Pullara and his Cool Beans Band tunefully acknowledges the anxieties
of children whose parents are serving in far away places, offering the
comfort of play and imagination on the "homefront."
- Lynne Heffley , ©2018 Parents' Choice
"All covered with a gentleness that shows the fun of daily life, but also captures the feelings of
sadness when a child’s parents can’t be there to share in it. While the target audience of
this album is military families, there is much to be enjoyed by families of all circumstances. ­
VERDICT: A must-have for all collections that serve military families.
- Veronica De Fazio, Plainfield Public Library District, IL,
"Starred Review" School Library Journal
"Pullara's "Backyards & Home Fronts" provides a much needed bright spot for the children
of service men and women. The album celebrates our military heroes while reassuring their
children that they are loved and also brave ... just like their parents." 
- Review for "Hot Diggity Awards Winner"
Many of the songs on this album could be used in lessons or programs about different
types of families. This is a welcome addition to all music collections, but is a must have
for those libraries and classrooms that serve families in the military.
- Kids Rhythm And Rock
"AWESOME! Well done, excellent production and a great story line...All in all, this is a brilliant album." 
- Doc Holiday, Producer, Mega International Records,17 Telly Awards, 5 Global Music Awards, Nashville, TN
"The Grammy-Award winning Steve Pullara demonstrates his awesome talent for creating
toe-tapping and accessible music kids love in his new album."
- Grover Silcox, Producer, PBS TV 39, EMMY Award Winning Producer
"Masterfully performed...a 5-star musical salute to military families"
- Paula Slade, Media Reviewer, VP Artistic Media Associates, Boston, MA
"Meaningful themes of hope, love and anticipation flow throughout "
Cyndy Drue, Music Reviewer, WMGK - FM DJ, Philadelphia, PA
"Bridges miles between deployed military families with the most upbeat and positive messages"
Toni Taylor-Helser B.M.G. Music Reviewer, Mixstream Radio DJ, Bend, OR
"Musically, lyrically and production-wise this is one of the finest albums of its kind I’ve ever heard"
- Chip Mergott’s “Mergott Music Minute”, WDVR - FM, Trenton, NJ
 "Families that are deployed most certainly make this world a better place to live in
and I am most thankful for their service which this album reminds us of for sure."
- Jeanine Winslow, Administrator, Warrington Twp.,Veteran Affairs Committee

This album and its themes are dedicated to those who wait for their parents who serve our country.

The unique focal point of this Childrens' Album, Backyards & Home Fronts, is that it's

about children whose parents are deployed serving our country, but it’s not what you’d

expect musically. These tracks are imaginative, life-affirming and positive. Meaningful themes

of hope, love and anticipation flow throughout this album. They highlight a typical day

through a child’s eye while they are spending time with their grandparents.

Grandma and Grandpa are taking care of them until their parents return.

To enjoy our video below of

"Guess Who's Coming Home"

simply click the middle arrow to start it.

July 2017 National Review by Cyndy Drue, Radio Personality, Music Reviewer, WMGK - FM Philadelphia, PA: "Steve Pullara has the ability to write and perform songs that are so joyful and upbeat, you can’t help but be uplifted when listening. From the opening track, you’ll be swept away with his happy stories sung from the child’s point of view about their parent's military deployment." Read more of this national review and many more reviews under the "Reviews" tab.

Sample this entire innovative children's album here! You can also follow their lyrics if you'd like. Click the "Songs, Lyrics, Video" tab above for both the words and music combined with beautiful colorful photos.

Click any song to hear it.

July 2017 National Review by Paula Slade, VP Artistic Media Associates, Inc. Boston, MA: "Singer/songwriter and GRAMMY winning producer Steve Pullara and his Cool Beans Band have crafted a 5-star musical salute to military families in his latest eleven track album release, “Backyards & Home Fronts.” Masterfully performed, sweet and melodic Country harmonies are soundly laced with reflective yet upbeat lyrics. Each song celebrates small moments in the lives of those waiting for loved ones to return from deployment." Read more of this national review and many more reviews under the "Reviews" tab.

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The FOP actively supports legislation and all law enforcement efforts on a local state and national level.

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