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Photos are © 2015 by Cher Pombo Baldanza

Music & Lyrics Published by:
Pullara-Tunes a Division of Cool Beans Music, ASCAP
Box 2091, Warminster, PA 18974
© 2014 Cool Beans Music, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
(215) 675-7743 (
Licensed by The Harry Fox Agency at

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Just Visiting

© 2015 Words & Music by Steve Pullara

Song note: As we grow, so do our friends. Fond memories of the past are among the good things in our lives to reflect on.

Our lives were like a comic book
with super heroes everyday.
Our friends all spoke in sound balloons,
chasing evil villians all away.
But soon there came many changes,
the magic faded from our play.
Oh, it was fun being invinceable, we were visitors those days.

You would draw up some cartoon frames.
I’m glad I still have a few.
The things we shared you’d sketch for me.
Our lives were colorful and new,
‘till time erased all the scenery
and images disappeared from view.
We shared imaginations we were just passing through.

We moved all our scenes to a story board
of how we thought life could be
as characters in a TV show
the stars were simply you and me,
but soon the channels got snowy
and the visions did fade away.
I remember our sitcom was called:

"Just Visitors That Day!"

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