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This song that you're hearing is The More Teeth Missin' The Better For Kissin' from Steve's new Children's Album Butterflies Wear Sneakers. Check out this album's lyrics in our lyrics tabs or our featured songs with video imagery. Enjoy these recordings with your kids and parenting circles. The orange button below can pause and start this song at any time. Thanks for visiting.







































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"Butterflies Wear Sneakers"

is a popular Family Album released by

GRAMMY Award Recipient Steve Pullara


This multi-award winning recording artist is constantly pushing the envelope a little further in his genre. Steve Pullara's music has that unique quality of crossover appeal. His songs in "Butterflies Wear Sneakers" are enjoyed by many ages. They're heard in all kinds of family friendly radio playlists both domestically and internationally. Music from Steve's album has been on programs ranging from Nashville to Austria and from New Jersey to New Zealand with many more listening points in-between and all along the way. This album's music has become an audio ambassador for its genre.


Steve is listed as a top 200 airplay artist in the "International Country Music Chart."


"Butterflies Wear Sneakers" has recently reached #23

in an Amazon Music download listing. A video of the album's featured song "The More Teeth Missin' The Better For Kissin'" from "Butterflies Wear Sneakers" has nearly 30,000 international & domestic views on YouTube. Families relate to the songs in this album.


Steve Pullara has earned and gained a wide audience with his band "The Red Eared Sliderz." This new album, "Butterflies Wear Sneakers," is a strong and solid example of his skills as a children's recording artist, songwriter, musician, singer and producer. Steve's children's music is recorded in the traditions of Folk, Americana and Country. In doing so,  he's created a style of recording and writing that is his own unique signature in the Family Music genre. Easily recognizable, this artist's songs are appealing and enjoyable to many families. Steve Pullara's music will last them a lifetime.


Everybody in the band on this CD are real voices, real musicians and the songs are real life...except for maybe Steve's outer space UFO alien song (but...ya never know!)


Read about Steve Pullara's musicians and his two co-existing bands under the "Bands" tab of this website.


Steve Pullara is the recipient of many Children's Music Awards such as: The GRAMMY, Two GRAMMY Nominations, Parent's Choice Gold, N.A.P.P.A. Gold and a cited inclusion into the U.S. Congressional Record mentioning his recording work for children.




Here's a video of The More Teeth Missin' The Better For Kissin.'

This song is featured in the album"Butterflies Wear Sneakers."

Steve Pullara's recordings have merited recognition from these organizations and periodicals:

Steve Pullara's banjos are endorsed by the:
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