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You chose this page for the complete reviews of our new children's album entitled:

"An A Cappella Family"

by Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band


Incoming Reviews: 

"From Grammy winner, "Steve Pullara and his Cool Beans Band" comes a delightful, upbeat collection of family and kid-friendly tunes, An A Cappella Family. Spritely, often times, giggle along lyrics are set to flawless a cappella harmonies and beats. It will get kids, parents and pets dancing and singing together as they hear positive messages of friendship, love, and every day current encounters during these uncertain times. A highly creative 5 - stars collection." -Paula Slade, Audiobooks, Entertainment and Media

"Grab your family and pets and take a 30 minute journey that will bring out

the child in all of us! "An A Cappella Family" is retro...current...and timeless...guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face." - Cindy Hughlett,

 Music Guild Heritage Award Winner

"Who would think an album of a cappella songs could sound so full and complete?

There’s not a guitar, piano, or any other typical instrument here. Just Steve Pullara’s voice out front singing the lyrics he wrote. The sister duo of Kelli Lewis & Wendi Kilman add perky background vocals along with Steve’s longtime collaborators Pat Robinson, Jim Cravero and Gloria Domina. It’s so unique and original! And the songs are all relatable whether it’s about being All Cooped up (during this Covid 19 pandemic) or losing your car in a parking lot, Steve knows how to take a simple subject and make it fun for kids. The production is top rate, the songs are all listenable and the artwork is perfect (also by Steve). Steve Pullara knows how to speak to children and they are all the better for it." 

- Cyndy Drue, 102.9 WMGK, Philadelphia, PA

"Steve Pullara has done it again! With his usual blend of fun, enthusiasm, and unbridled creativity Steve -and his Cool Beans Band- have created another breath-of-fresh-air listening experience for kids of all ages (and their families.) An a capella collection of humorous and touching new Pullara songs is just what this world needs. The opening cut "All Cooped Up" is the definitive statement on the silver lining that can be found by families who are making the best of our current situation by enjoying each other's company. In the midst of the hilarity there's also one of the classic (and touching) Pullara ballads: a beautiful lullaby called "Ti Amo Lullaby," which parents will want to play for kids as they drift off to sleep. This is a real album experience- it's different than anything else out there, and because it's "a Cappella" you can put it on and enjoy the whole thing. In fact that's how I'd recommend you listen. But watch won't be long before everyone is singing along!"

Chip Mergott, The Mergott Minute, Public Radio

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