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 Album  Reviews for "Butterflies Wear Sneakers"



"From the whimsical to the wondrous, “Butterflies Wear Sneakers” by Steve Pullara and His Red Eared Sliderz, is a tuneful, and sometimes thought provoking Americana "Family Friendly Recording" with echoes of bluegrass, country and folk. At times toe-tapping, then sweetly thought provoking, Pullara’s latest 11-track album highlights his delightful versatility and huge crossover popularity with world-wide audiences. As a singer/songwriter and GRAMMY winning producer, Pullara hits another one out of the park with this delightful album for all ages. Don’t be surprised if it will prompt you to have your own in-home hootenanny!" - Paula Slade, Reviewer "Audiobooks, Entertainment and Media", Boston, MA

"Steve Pullara has done it again with a new album aimed at kids that will also please the adults in their lives. On BUTTERFLIES WEAR SNEAKERS the instrumentation with dobro, banjo, guitars, fiddle, mandolin and more lends a real “down home” feel to this album. The messages of the songs are relatable to all ages and heartfelt. Plus, it’s just plain fun to listen to! And, who else covers a Stevie Wonder song (“Heaven is 10 Zillion Light Years Away”) and pulls it off? Seriously??!! This guy does."

- Debbi Calton, DJ, WMGK-FM, Morning Show Host, On-Air Personality, Philadelphia, PA


"On Steve Pullara's new project, his heart and enthusiasm shine through. It's obvious on every track that he really wants you to hear his music, and that he really wants it to make you happy. He puts all of himself into his songs, from hat covered head to red covered toes."- Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, GRAMMY Nominee 2015 and Award Winning Kindie Recording Artist


"The relentless energy of Grammy-winning, singer-songwriter Steve Pullara joyously pours from his newest album "Butterflies Wear Sneakers." Steve might give butterflies sneakers, but it’s you, the listener who will be doing the toe-tapping to the happy-go-lucky musical menu that Steve serves up in this album. With Butterflies Wear Sneakers, Steve skips down memory lane with a carefree bounce in his step that makes you smile and just want to tag along!" - Grover Silcox, 3 x EMMY Winning Reporter/Producer, WLVT-TV PBS 39, Bethlehem, PA


"What a beautiful CD! Steve Pullara's thoughtfulness, musicianship, songwriting and audiology is refreshing. It invokes deep thoughts about love, life, relationships, lessons to learn and it's all bound together with great melodies, lyrics and comforting tones. I just love it!" - Manny Garcia, DJ, Midday Show Host, WDVR-FM 89.7, Greater Trenton, NJ


"Pullara has already won several well deserved awards such as two GRAMMY nominations and a GRAMMY. His music is aimed particularly at children, although I'd bet it's enjoyed by the whole family." - David Bromberg, GRAMMY Nominee, Multiple Instrumentalist that has recorded with Bob Dylan, Carly Simon, George Harrison, John Lennon, Ringo, Joan Baez, John Sebastian and more, DE


"Steve Pullara’s sweet, catchy, toe-tappin’ new CD “Butterflies Wear Sneakers” is purely delightful.  Pullara has the gift of bringing a story to life with his creative songs that will appeal to children and adults alike." - Cyndy Drue, DJ, WMGK-FM, On-Air Personality, Event Reporter, Music Reviewer, Philadelphia, PA


"From the opening track “The More Teeth Missin’ The Better For Kissin'” and throughout, I became enchanted by the touching word-smithing and the rich organic sounds of the instrument arrangements. This is “Feel Good” music and I would love to see it in our local libraries, especially in the children’s library. The album is a perfect collection of family friendly music and storytelling that very quickly, if you’re like me...will have your whole family singing along."


"We as a universal music community of arts are sorely void of fantastic music that is family friendly. I continually find Steve’s music ‘hook’ to be that he is tapping into an audience that needs stellar musicians and lyricists like him. An artist needs a good hook more than ever today to set them apart which is no doubt one of the reasons Steve Pullara is a Grammy Award winning artist.

I think we as a universe need role models in artists who share messages of love, optimism, and hope. There’s a beautiful wholesomeness and nostalgia to what Steve brings to our ears, and to our emotional and spiritual intelligence that I find endearing." - Toni Taylor-Helser, DJ & Musicologist of the popular "Barefoot Music Group" radio program in Oregon. These are two excerpts of an in depth review of this album.


"Steve Pullara's new album "Butterflies Wear Sneakers" is one of those albums that will make you laugh, make you think and make you cry. It's got all the makings of a truly great album and boy does it deliver in spades. You get some songs mixed with humor and twinges of sadness like the first track "The More Teeth Missin' The Better For Kissin'." When he spoke of his daughter getting teased for wearing braces, it really touched my heart because who doesn't remember getting laughed at or made fun of as a child.


"Aliens Playing Bluegrass" is one of the funniest, best songs I've heard in a while.  I was laughing and tapping my toes at the same time. Leave it to Steve to have the aliens learning chords of music in my home state of TN. Maybe I'm an alien? Wink emoticon! "Just Visiting" is another stand out track. The melody and music are so spot on. The lyrics bring to mind a whole list of things (lost love, lost friends, reminiscing about happier times). Great song.


The stand out track for me is without a doubt, "Where's Daddy?" I did NOT expect to get so emotional listening to it but the tears flowed freely. A song told from a child's perspective about wanting to spend more time with their busy father. If this song doesn't touch you, then you may want to check yourself for a pulse. Once again Steve delivers on all fronts with his new album. Bravo Steve!"- Ryan Cole, Arts & Music Reviewer, Critic for "Ryan's Korner" Internet "Blog Talk Radio" TN


"Before I heard his music, I saw a picture of him...and I knew - instantly - this guy is something special, is unique and has something noone else has. He does not just play music - he feels music and he lives it. Look into his eyes, into his smile and into his face - and you get a glimpse of what you can expect from this guy whose softly touching your heart. His love for music lets him look at life with the eyes of a kid...and out comes music so crystal clear, so innocent and light as a feather, yet arranged by a professional musician. He paints musical pictures and every song is a piece of art. "Ridin' on Fumes and a Prayer" or "The More Teeth Missin' The Better For Kissin'"- his music is for all ages, for all genders and for all nationalities. Fresh, natural and uplifting. Buck Owens would have loved to listen to this man. He does what Buck says: "Act Naturally." Am I a Fan of Steve Pullara? YES. Is RSF1 Radio St. Florian am Inn in Austria Pullara infected? YES. When do you become a member of this Pullara Community and join the fun?" - Patty Patrick, DJ, Station Owner of RSF1, Austria, Deutschland; Member of NBRN.FM in Nashville, TN, USA


"What I like about "Butterflies Wear Sneakers" is the authenticity of the music, the real instruments and Steve's voice in his singing. I cannot choose a favorite song! They were all so unique! And...the artwork, the layout, the text, and everything about the packaging is top notch! It's so well laid out and easy to read! Overall, a great album!" - Sue Straw, Langley, Oklahoma, BME, Music Educ., Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, MA, Communication, PSU, Pittsburg, KS

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