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Steve Pullara's children's recording projects and career have merited

recognition from these organizations and periodicals:

Flowers For My Friends

Steve Pullara & His Red Eared SliderzTM

A Note For Listeners Of This Song:

Flowers For My Friends is a topical  award winning song written and recorded by Steve Pullara.

Instead of for his younger children's audiences, in this song he steps out for older grade children such as

 Middle School Students, Teens, Libraries, Family Table Discussions with Parents and Guidance Counselors.

Due to this mature subject matter, It is not performed by Steve Pullara in his young audience concerts.

Click the photo below to hear this song for free on Soundcloud or view its video.

A CD Baby

Staff Pick

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The video below of "Flowers For My Friendsgives
very tasteful and poignant imagery to our song's lyrics.

"Flowers For My Friends" received the 2019 *NAPPA Award. (*National Parenting Product Awards)

NAPPA's review excerpts:

"...Steve Pullara is a particularly empathetic singer/songwriter."


"Pullara’s new single focuses on the all-too topical issue of guns. Singing from a kid’s point-of-view, Pullara not only talks about the fatal consequences and psychological effects of gun violence (“I just buy flowers for my friends”) but also touches on the topic of how much children play with toy guns and use them in electronic gaming. In his own gentle way, Pullara delivers powerful messages on this catchy folk-rocking tune.” Click here to opt-into the full 2019 NAPPA AWARD Page

Incoming National Reviews:

Cyndy Drue, Radio Personality of WMGK-FM Radio Philadelphia, PA, August 21, 2019, excerpt:

​" energetic song filled with rambling slide guitar and emotive voice that stretches words out like “said” that give more punch and meaning to the message. 

Toni Taylor-Helser of Mixstream Radio, DJ, Oregon, July 19, 2019, excerpt:

​"From the piano intro then to the vibrant ramping up of energy with slide guitar and banjo leading into lyrics that deftly weave the listeners through a sensitive social commentary with a catchy tune..."

Grover Silcox, PBS-39's Emmy Winning Host of "Counter Culture," Bethehem, PA, October 14, 2019,

"...provides a musical means for addressing the real-life fears and worries that now even children must face and try to make sense of, even as their parents, teachers and other adults in their young lives grapple with the seemingly never-ending and worsening issue of gun violence."


" infuse the feeling of childhood in his music with lyrics that describe the unspeakable angst of wondering when such a nightmare will end."

Steve Pullara 2018 Promo Copyright 2018

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Music & Lyrics by:

© 2018 Words & Music Steve Pullara, ASCAP

All rights reserved. Used by permission.


P.O. Box 2091

Warminster, PA 18974


Ph: (215) 675-7743



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is a registered U.S. trademark 

owned by Steve Pullara.

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