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Steve Pullara's children's recording projects and career have merited

recognition from these organizations and periodicals:

Grammy® recipient Steve Pullara

has released his new Children's Album entitled

Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair.

A 2019 Parents' Choice® Recommended Award!

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    20 New Tracks of 10 Songs & 10 Short Fun Narration Intros for each!  
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Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair by Steve P
Photo © 2018
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   This album introduces you to a new friend
   named Jamey who loves his cat and 

    puppy. Even though getting around in his

     wheelchair might have its challenges,

       Jamey shows us just how much fun a

            Summer can be with his family and

                friends. He plays at the park, splashes

                     in a pool, goes whale watching,

                       makes a new friend and catches

                         fireflies too!

Steve Pullara

Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair

Photo © 2018


"Dear Steve, Thank-you for your

new album. "Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair" is a wonderful story of a child's Summer of fun told through song. The album's beautifully crafted lyrics provide the perfect balance of life lessons learned and experiences to be cherished. I can't wait to  use it in our classroom!" - Monica Flannery, Special Education Teacher, C.A.D.E.S., Philadelphia, PA

"This grouping of songs will appeal to all young audiences, but it enables a special needs child to see that they have a great deal in common with their typical peers. They also enjoy people, pools, animals, and experience life to their fullest capabilities.  This album of  unique originals covers a wide variety of songs, some endearing and some with necessary silliness.  Children have a special bond with animals and the lead song on this album addresses that.  All of the tracks are songs which point out the best things in, acceptance, friendship and fun." 

- Ann Godiksen, M.S. in Ed, Ret.
















Possessing a friendly voice, and solid string-picking skills, Pullara’s music is fun, lively, and balances a nice mix of country, bluegrass and occasional forays into other genres. Here, Pullara crafts a series of short story-songs revolving around Jamey, a young boy in a wheelchair who is enjoying a particularly fun summer, filled with cats, dogs, outdoor adventures and tasty treats. Songs such as “Marco Polo” tell of Jamey learning a new water game in a swimming pool that can accommodate wheelchairs. Within the narratives we learn how Jamey often needs a little more help in situations most kids and adults might not have considered. These interludes always resolve with Jamey and his parents finding simple and intelligent solutions which allow him mobility and support, whether in a pool, a boat as in “Watching the Whales,” or in camp where his own acceptance helps him become friends with a girl named Cookie. The songs can be enjoyed on their own, as fun slices of life about any child having a great summer, while the narratives help children understand some of the metaphors as in “If Every Cookie Was Perfect.” Pullara’s album celebrates summer fun with children with disabilities, giving listeners valuable insights into children with special needs. Lahri Bond © 2019 Parents’ Choice, Recommended Award

“Sure, there are songs about cats – and dogs, whales, and even fireflies too – but this album has more in its mind than animals and insects. Kitty Cat revolves around a kid named Jamey who gets around in a wheelchair. The 20 tracks basically alternate between short spoken-word pieces voiced by Pullara as Jamey and the songs relating to the narration. While particularly empowering for special needs kids, all listeners can relate to these songs, which demonstrate how Jamie can do everyday things (like playing in a pool or going whale watching). Standing out in this set of summer-y songs are “My Buddy” (addressing themes of friendship and belonging) and “If Every Cookie Was Perfect” (which uses cookie crumbs as a metaphor for the upside of something not being perfect). Pullara’s latest CD is a wonderful, big-hearted album.” - 2018 NAPPA Award for Children's Audio

"Steve Pullara’s latest CD is a fun and organic mix of songs and stories that follow a boy confined to his wheelchair. Throughout his summer vacation he's doing the things that all kids do like swimming, fishing, making new friends, the mystery of hiccups, even whale watching! Steve is quite good at keeping it fun and entertaining, while delivering a great message to everyone about love and acceptance. The standout track to me is “My Buddy”. Well, umm, I guess that would be because I co-wrote the song with Steve! Well done, my friend!!" - Tab Laven – Nashville based singer/songwriter/ guitarist for Art Garfunkel 10/13/18

Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair" Clever lyrics and great melodies! This album tells a story from a child in a wheelchair’s point of view and will resonate with kids of ALL abilities. Super uplifting. Bravo to the band!  For Ages: Elementary and Up."

- 2018 Hot Diggity Product Award for Children's Audio


Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair” is so uplifting for children and adults. Steve Pullara's genius takes us through a fun and educational story which is so positive in nature. Seeing fun and adventure thru the eyes of a child in a wheelchair is brilliant. The parenting skills the child's parents use are warm and genuinely inspiring. This album is a true must listen, and I know you will enjoy it immensely.” - Brad Chapman, 24 platinum award-winning vocal coach whose clients have included: Stevie Wonder, The Bangles, Anita Baker, Quincy Jones, Frankie Vallie, Peter Cetera, Nina Simone, Madonna, REO Speedwagon and many more.


"Upon hearing Steve Pullara’s excellent new release Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair” this thought comes to mind: Does he ever get tired of releasing these top quality, empathetic to kids (and adults) little masterpieces? Steve’s songwriting has always been utterly unique, but this time around he’s reached new heights of originality. Who writes a song about a cat under a wheelchair? Steve does, and then performs and records it beautifully. Our cat Stampy- a demanding critic- gave it “3 Meows.” (His highest rating.) The many memorably funny lines throughout are a reminder that the root word of “funny” is “fun,” and that’s what every listener, young and old, will have while listening to the album  Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair.” Review by Chip Mergott’s “Mergott Music Minute” which is heard daily on WDVR FM (Trenton, NJ) and appears weekly in The Bucks County Herald 


"Steve Pullara has done it again! A master children’s performer, Pullara is an expert at speaking “Child” in all of his songs.

"Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair" can be an anthem for all cat owners, complete with a whimsical banjo that keeps the song moving along, The narration between songs tell the story of Jamey, a young boy whose wheelchair doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest whether it’s playing Marco Polo in the pool, dreaming of an ice cream sundae, or whale watching. And who writes songs about hiccups? Steve Pullara! If you’re looking for a positive, simple, affirming entertaining experience to share with your children, this is it." August 12, 2018 by Cyndy Drue, Radio Personality, WMGK, FM Philadelphia, PA


Review for Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair: "Once again Steve Pullara and his Cool Beans Band showcase musical storytelling at its finest in Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair.  Short stories of Summer fun are artfully intertwined with songs when we learn about Jamey, a young boy in a wheelchair.  Maybe he has a broken leg or maybe he is disabled.  What we know for certain is that Jamey can do the same things as his friends.  Steve masterfully weaves a tale about Jamey’s summer days filled with adventures.  He shows us that nothing stops this wheelchair-bound boy from going on a boat to look for whales, playing games in the pool at summer camp, walking his new puppy in the park, and even catching fireflies with his buddy.  Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair takes us on a special journey that spans from June through September.  Steve Pullara gets it—whether a child gets around on wheels or on foot, summer really is a magical time for everyone!" 

- Dina Carmelengo, Special Education Teacher, Chester M. Stephens School, Budd Lake, NJ

"Awesome new album release, KITTY CAT UNDER MY WHEELCHAIR, from one of my favorite children's music entertainers, 

Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band! Be sure to check this out. Another winner from this Grammy winning artist!" 

- Paula Slade, Audiobooks, Entertainment & Media

"Steve Pullara's new album explores an entire summer for a special needs child. Each song describes a fun event in the child's life, like a 4th of July celebration, a swim in the camp pool, or a visit to an ice cream stand. The album portrays the great range of events that a special needs child can enjoy to have an enriching summer life. Steve is a master at making music for children using a variety of instruments, rhythms, lyrics, and voices that make kids and parents want to listen on and on.

One song on the album takes a heartfelt turn from the fun and funny feelings of the other songs. That song is My Buddy. It explores the relationship a special needs child has with a good friend. After all, experiencing so many fun events means so much more when the child has someone to relate it all to. The song itself takes a warm and sentimental tone with the piano and percussion laying a foundation for the lyrics and other instruments. The video shows lots of children doing fun stunts in their wheelchair as they think about describing these moments to their “buddy” at the end of the day. The rhythm of the song keeps it upbeat and creates a touching experience for the listeners." - Professor John DiFiore, English Dept. Union College

This video of "My Buddy"

has become a popular song

from our new Children's Album  "Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair." It's written by Tab Laven & Steve Pullara and performed by Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band. 


Steve Pullara's children's recording projects and career have

merited recognition from these organizations and periodicals:


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