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Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair by Steve P
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Review for Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair: "Once again Steve Pullara and his Cool Beans Band showcase musical storytelling at its finest in Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair.  Short stories of summer fun are artfully intertwined with songs when we learn about Jamey, a young boy in a wheelchair.  Maybe he has a broken leg or maybe he is disabled.  What we know for certain is that Jamey can do the same things as his friends.  Steve masterfully weaves a tale about Jamey’s summer days filled with adventures.  He shows us that nothing stops this wheelchair-bound boy from going on a boat to look for whales, playing games in the pool at summer camp, walking his new puppy in the park, and even catching fireflies with his buddy.  Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair takes us on a special journey that spans from June through September.  Steve Pullara gets it—whether a child gets around on wheels or on foot, summer really is a magical time for everyone!"- Dina Carmelengo, Special Education Teacher, Chester M. Stephens School, Budd Lake, NJ


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