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Big Boy Shoes

Copyright 2017 Words & Music Steve Pullara

Time to put on my big boy shoes.
I 'm sproutin' like a beanstalk, so I'm spreadin' the news.

I've outgrown my three wheeled bike.

I’m riding on two wheels and gave my sister the trike.

Time to see with my big boy eyes.

It’s a world full of wonder and surprise.

Time to put away that booster seat.

I wear a safety belt now and dangle my feet.

Hey check out my big boy hat.
I outgrew the old one, plus our dog chewed that.

Time to help out like a little man and give everybody a hand.


Oh, I’m growin’ at a steady pace.
I can see it in my cloths and in photos of my face.
Oh, I’m growin’ up it’s happening so fast.
The cloths that I’m wearing won’t last.

We just picked up my big boy cloths.
I can’ fit in the small ones I’ve grown bigger than those.

I'm learning to fly with my big boy wings...

meeting new friends and learning new things.

Time to see with my big boy eyes.
The world full of wonder and surprise.



Music & Lyrics Published by:

Pullara-Tunes a Division of Cool Beans Music, ASCAP

Box 2091, Warminster, PA 18974

© 2017 Cool Beans Music, Inc.

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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