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Photos are © 2015 by Cher Pombo Baldanza

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When I'm With You

© 2015 Words & Music by Steve Pullara

Song note: This is a song is about being with your mom from

both you and your dad.



When I’m with you,

I’m in Heaven,
And I see the love of God

Come through your eyes.

When I’m with you,

I’m in heaven.
'Cause I hear the songs of

Everybird that flies.

Pretty lady, are you an angel?

Are you from heaven?

Can you tell me please?

Do you hear music, like I do?

‘Cause I hear it in the skies

From every bird that flies...

When you're near.



Music & Lyrics Published by:

Pullara-Tunes a Division of Cool Beans Music, ASCAP

Box 2091, Warminster, PA 18974

© 2015 Cool Beans Music, Inc.

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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