Steve Pullara's children's recording projects and career have merited

recognition from these organizations and periodicals:

Grammy® Recipient Steve Cool Beans Pullara


Steve Pullara is a multi-award winning children's & family concert performer and recording artist. He's been ranked among the top ten entertainers of the Philadelphia region's Intelligencer Newspaper. Actor Bradley Cooper and recording artist Pink have also both been cited  in that newspaper's listings those years with him. His work as a children's genre recording talent and producer have garnered such top awards as a Grammy®, two Grammy® nominations, a U.S. Congressional Citation​, various and numerous recognition awards from organizations such as Parents' Choice, NAPPA and  Hot Digitty Awards. These are among the children's recording industry's highest milestones. Steve Pullara has also collaborated in two PRPS Excellence Awards for Event Programming and received a Caring Community Award for sharing music & art with special needs children. His songs have consistently received international airplay to which he has accepted the ASCAP-Plus Award. The tab above entitled Bio & Awards has complete details of Steve Pullara's music industry & entertainer achievements, awards, grants and residencies. He performs and writes for all ages and many types of settings. Ages one through ninety are not uncommon for this artist. Thanks for your time & consideration!

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“Alien Babies from Outer Space”
Enjoy this retro themed fun and colorful dance tune by Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band! Its lyrics are based on an imaginary 1950’s type movie plot where alien babies find their way into people’s lives.The ultimate goal of the aliens is taking over the world in many ways by posing as innocent children.Click our  cover art of the ghostly alien baby to hear our fun new song! 

Released May 2021 byCool Beans Music


"An A Cappella Family"
is racking up awards and...
National Children's Radio AirPlay!

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IIllustrations  by Steve Pullara

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Garden State Discovery Museum 2019 sharp
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Rose Teee Park 2019, Steve Pullara brigh

Steve Pullara's children's recording projects and career have

merited recognition from these organizations and periodicals:


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